The brand veg’ N co

Naturally vegan-organic with GMO-free vitamin B12!

veg’ N co stands for plant-based food products that are vegan- and organic-certified and contain vitamiN’ co.

All veg’ N co products contain per portion at least the daily recommended dose of vitamin B12 for an adult. They form part of a healthy diet, especially for people who have a plant-based diet or who have a very reduced consumption of meat and dairy products. Currently, PANVEGA offers four veg’ N co products: Falafel, veg’ N patties, veg’ N burgers, and organic vegetable broth. The products are vegan- and organic-certified, and all of them save the veg’ N burgers are also gluten-free.

The veg’ N co products were launched in Switzerland at the end of 2018, and are available in several local and online shops, including PANVEGA plans to introduce veg’ N co to the EU in 2020. We will add and launch new products gradually. Eventually, we will give consumers a broad choice of plant-based products, so that they no longer have to think about taking a B12 supplement.

The brand veg’ N co fulfills our intentions perfectly – vegan-organic food products with nutritional value. Andreas Schenzle, PhD, technical biologist and CEO

The online shop

Online shopping

veg’ N co’s web site and online shop were designed for our target groups, to provide the necessary information in the immediate vicinity of the point of sale.

Our marketing strategy positions veg’ N co as an attractive vegan-organic brand in the vegan-organic food sector: we use testimonials from the fields of cooking, lifestyle, nutrition, and health to make veg’ N co an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen.

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