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Our vitamin B12 is GMO-free and as natural as sauerkraut or wine –
the first one in the world allowed in organic-certified food products.

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Our mission

Your nutrition, our responsibility

Growing demand for plant-based, healthy nutrition

Flexitarians are people who consume fewer animal-based food products than the average. They represent a growing section of the global population and are driving the plant-based- and organic-food markets. Both of these are growing at an extremely high rate: >20% per year for the global plant-based-food market, >10% per year for the global organic-food market, which had already reached a volume of $100 billion in 2018. PANVEGA targets both of these markets.

Vegan-organic food products and ingredients

We develop, produce, and market high-quality vegan-organic food products and ingredients with a nutritional plus for people who want to reduce or avoid consumption of animal-based food. We also offer our products to food manufacturers and retailers who want to use or trade our products.

Microbiology is – among other evidence-based fields – a key driver of our product development. We study microorganisms, their metabolism, and their positive effects on food, and we develop and refine food products using microbiological technologies.

Through its products, PANVEGA makes a contribution to people’s health, to animal well-being, and to ecologically sound food production.

We let microorganisms work for us, and they are very enterprising.

Andreas Schenzle, PhD in microbiology and CEO of PANVEGA

First products on the market

Vitamin B12 ←→ vitamiN’ co

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient. We need to consume it regularly, because (a) only a maximum of 2 µg of B12 per meal can be actively absorbed by the human ileum, and (b) 2 µg is also the approximate daily required amount to maintain one‘s B12 levels in the long run. Because of this, and because a B12 deficiency can lead to serious health problem – in particular, neurological dysfunction and megaloblastic anaemia – EU legislation recommends a daily dose of 2.5 µg of B12 for adults.

Healthy omnivores usually have no difficulty consuming this daily dose; however, since plant-based food lacks vitamin B12, not only vegans, but vegetarians, and flexitarians, are at risk of developing a B12 deficiency, if they do not take B12 supplements. The majority of consumers, though, would rather avoid supplements in pill form, preferring natural vitamin sources.

vitamiN’ co

Conventional B12 is not allowed in organic-certified food products, because its production does not comply with organic-food legislation; PANVEGA’s vitamiN’ co, however, does.

vitamiN’ co is a vitamin B12 that is both vegan and GMO-free and is the first one in the world to be allowed in organic-certified food products. It makes it possible for a plant-based diet to be healthy, complete, and this without a need for supplements.

vitamiN’ co is available as a powder that can easily be mixed into all kinds of food products.

Click here to learn more on the brand vitamiN’ co

veg’ N co is the brand name for our consumer products

veg’ N co

PANVEGA’s brand veg’ N co stands for plant-based food products that are vegan-organic and contain vitamiN’ co. All veg’ N co products contain per portion at least the daily recommended dose of vitamin B12 for an adult. Target groups for veg' N co are not only vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians, but all people who prefer tasty organic foods.


The veg’ N co products (three meat alternatives as ready-mixes and one vegetable broth) are available in several local and online shops in Switzerland, including PANVEGA plans to introduce veg’ N co to the EU.

Direct link to our veg’ N co online shop.

What is actually so exciting about microorganisms?

Microscopic workaholics

Research and development is the main focus of our work, and we often employ microorganisms, which have long been used by humans for the manufacture of various products, and play an important role in the cycle of matter.

These microscopic and incredibly versatile "workaholics" are everywhere – our body contains more microbial cells than human ones – and produce vitamins and other, still-unknown substances and help detoxify the body. In short, our microbiome helps us stay healthy.


Fermentation processes are the most important working resources that we use to develop our products.

Fermentation is the biochemical conversion of substances with the help of microorganisms, other cell cultures and/or enzymes. For the fermentations in bioreactors we use pure cultures so that the fermentation process is easier to control.

Production-process illustration

Our entrepreneurial experiences

Key skills

Corporate governance

Our corporate governance stands for a comprehensive management strategy that
takes into account economic, environmental, and social factors, and assumes responsibility for the value chain, thereby ensuring long-term economic success. In other words, while our approach is value-driven, we nonetheless attach great importance to noneconomic values.

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Operational Competence

We have the expertise and experiences to drive forward efficiently our development projects and the commercialization of corresponding products and to manage all subareas right through to sales.

Development and commercialization

Our products are positioned in the market as an attractive food or food ingredient with a special focus on health, quality, and sustainability. The most varied foods and ingredients are conceivable: from instant soup to the vitamin-rich microbial biomass that can be used in Michelin-star cooking or in high-value food products.

Subtle refinement. Whether in the laboratory or on our own stove is our passion. René Pellaux, PhD, chemist, amateur chef